Day 1…

Well that’s misleading. Never would I have the diligence to write daily.

It has taken years to puck up the courage to write this blog. Not because I have some dark and scary story to tell full of horrors, but because of the lack of them. Though, that’s not entirely true, my life has not been one of middle class privilege and I certainly have more than one interesting yarn to weave. What I really wanted was a theme; a thing to glue the whole thing together. But i’m not an expert on anything. That’s when I realised that that is what the theme really is. You see, any time I think get close to mastery of anything, I then discover I’ve only scratched the surface.

I’m scratching the surface at parenting. As soon as you think you’ve worked your kids out then then wake up the next morning with a new personality.

I’m scratching the surface at feminism. I’ll start the day in a fourth wave frenzy and end it crying over the fact there’s no man around to take the bins out.

I’m scratching the surface as a student. I’ll get a first in an assignment then spend the next three lectures in a daze.

And this should absolutely not sound negative. It’s exciting (not so much the bins thing). I’m slowly learning how fantastic it is that we don’t really know anything. It means the scope of possibility is huge!

Join me if you like as I navigate the waters of nonsense, as I try to parent, and study and boss it as a feminist. Watch as I fall, and as I get up again. No doubt silly poetry will ensue, and rants about my children’s teachers and open letters to… well, anyone who irritates me really.

Maybe we’ll learn something. And if not, at best i’ll feel good for the vent.


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